Convert Trapped Tables within PDFs as Pandas DataFrames

pandas Nov 30, 2022
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Use the Pandas String-Only get_dummies Method to Instantly Restructure your Data

pandas Oct 24, 2022
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Displaying Pandas DataFrames Horizontally in Jupyter Notebooks

pandas Jun 23, 2022

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to display pandas DataFrames horizontally in your Jupyter Notebooks. I find this useful when presenting data to an audience or when delivering tutorials like this one.

Default DataFrame Display

Let’s begin by reading in three different DataFrames, assigning them to variable names. By default, nothing is displayed in the output when an assignment statement is the last line of a notebook cell.

import pandas as pd
bikes = pd.read_csv('bikes.csv',...
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Awesome Pandas Tricks โ€” Advent of Code Problems 1โ€“5

pandas Jun 23, 2022

I have a new tutorial where I show interesting, unusual and just plain awesome ways to use the pandas library to solve data problems. Pandas is such a versatile library with so many ways to solve so many different problems.

The Advent of Code is a series of 25 fun problems released every December 1st, each containing some kind of data that require some sort of computing power to solve. While pandas is probably not the goto choice for these challenges, it is absolutely has the ability to solve...

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How to become an Expert at Pandas for Data Analysis for FREE

data science pandas python Jun 21, 2022

In 2014, I was first introduced to pandas and had no idea how to use it. By 2017, I had written the 500 page book Pandas Cookbook. This is roughly the path I took to mastering pandas for free:

  1. Read the official documentation
  2. Practice examples in the documentation
  3. Flashcards
  4. Share a full data analysis with others
  5. Answer old Stack Overflow Questions
  6. Answer new Stack Overflow Questions
  7. Teach others in-person or online
  8. Write pandas blog posts
  9. Repeat

Read the official documentation


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Python Pandas Certification Courses

pandas Mar 22, 2021

I am excited to announce Python Pandas Certification Courses — a series of courses to help you become an expert at using the pandas library to analyze data, each with a challenging certification exam given at the end.

The main goal of the Python Pandas Certification series of courses is to provide you with a path to gain mastery of the pandas library so that you can use it confidently in a professional environment.

First Course FREE — Begins March 29!

The first course in...

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Official Release of bar_chart_race - A Python Package for Creating Animated Bar Chartย Races


I'm excited to announce the official release of bar_chart_race, a python package for creating bar chart races. In this post, I'll cover many of the major available options. Navigate to the official documentation for a full breakdown of all of the options.


Bar chart races have become very popular over the last year and no python package existed to create them. I also built some for my coronavirus dashboard.


Install with:

pip install...
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Minimally Sufficient Pandas Cheat Sheet

pandas Jan 03, 2020

This article summarizes the very detailed guide presented in Minimally Sufficient Pandas.

Begin Mastering Data Science Now for Free!

Take my free Intro to Pandas course to begin your journey mastering data analysis with Python.

What is Minimally Sufficient Pandas?

  • It is a small subset of the library that is sufficient to accomplish nearly everything that it has to offer.
  • It allows you to focus on doing data analysis and not the syntax

How will Minimally Sufficient Pandas benefit...

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Minimally Sufficient Pandas

pandas Jan 01, 2020

In this article, I will offer an opinionated perspective on how to best use the Pandas library for data analysis. My objective is to argue that only a small subset of the library is sufficient to complete nearly all of the data analysis tasks that one will encounter. This minimally sufficient subset of the library will benefit both beginners and professionals using Pandas. Not everyone will agree with the suggestions I lay forward, but they are how...

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The Craziness of Subset Selection in Pandas

pandas Nov 21, 2019

Selecting subsets of data in pandas is not a trivial task as there are numerous ways to do the same thing. Different pandas users select data in different ways, so these options can be overwhelming. I wrote a long frou-part series on it to clarify how its done. For instance, take a look at the following options for selecting a single column of data (assuming it’s the first column):

  • df[‘colname’]
  • df[[‘colname’]]
  • df.colname
  • df.loc[:,...
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