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Build a solid foundation for doing data science with Python with these downloadable books, videos and learning resources.

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Multi-day courses covering data science and machine learning with expert instruction to learn skills necessary for data science.

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Have your team trained on any part of the Python data science ecosystem to elevate your entire organization.

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Take one of my introductory Python, data science, or machine learning classes for just $99 in Toronto (Aug 26-30), Houston (Oct 7-11, Dec 9-13), or New York (Nov 4-8). 

Take a Live In-Person Course for just $99

What is Dunder Data?

Dunder Data is a professional training company dedicated to teaching data science and machine learning. Delivering online courses and videos, live face-to-face courses, expertly-written books and exercises, Dunder Data helps students form a foundation for a career in Data Science.

"Once I took the boot camp, my thinking as a data scientist really developed because Ted really focuses on becoming independent - to think like a data scientist, to ask the main question that guides the entire project."

Sayantan Mitra

"The way that he is open to questions, how he engaged with the actual students during the boot camp, he fostered communication between every one of us."

Dario Romero

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Expert Data Science Training

Master Python, Data Science, and Machine Learning with expert instructor Ted Petrou.

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