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Become an Expert,  Master Data Science with Python

Master the fundamentals of Python, Data Science, and Machine Learning with our hands-on courses containing hundreds of exercises, projects, and detailed solutions.


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Main Courses

My goal is to help you master the fundamentals of python, data analysis, data visualization, and machine learning so that you can produce trusted results in a professional environment.

Exercise Python

Master the fundamentals of the Python programming language with Exercise Python, containing over 150 exercises and projects with detailed solutions.


Master Data Analysis with Python

The most comprehensive course available to learn data analysis and visualization in Python. Get access to over 800 pages of text, 350 exercises, 13 hours of video, multiple projects, and detailed solutions.


Master Data Visualization with Python

A comprehensive course available to learn data visualization in Python. Get access to over 200 pages of text, 20 exercises and detailed solutions.


Master Machine Learning with Python

A comprehensive guide to become an expert at both the concepts and tools of building a massive machine learning pipeline using Python. 


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Free Courses

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  • Python Installation
  • Introduction to Jupyter Notebooks
  • Intro to Pandas
  • Selecting Subsets of Data

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Special Courses

Two more spectacular courses each involve completing a single, long, comprehensive project.

Build an Interactive Data Analytics Dashboard with Python

Deploy your own professional analytics dashboard from your own website. You'll learn the full workflow from data preparation and model building to application development, deployment, and automation.


Build a Data Analysis Library from Scratch in Python

Immerse yourself in a long, comprehensive project that teaches advanced Python concepts to build an entire library.


What is Dunder Data?

Dunder Data is a professional training company founded by Ted Petrou dedicated to teaching Python, data science, and machine learning. Ted strives to deliver the very best possible courses with the most precise, effective, and modern material.

"Once I took the boot camp, my thinking as a data scientist really developed because Ted really focuses on becoming independent - to think like a data scientist, to ask the main question that guides the entire project."

Sayantan Mitra

"The way that he is open to questions, how he engaged with the actual students during the boot camp, he fostered communication between every one of us."

Dario Romero

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