Dunder Data Challenge #1 - Optimize Custom Grouping Function

dunder data challenges Sep 07, 2019

This is the first edition of the Dunder Data Challenge series designed to help you learn python, data science, and machine learning. Begin working on any of the challenges directly in a Jupyter Notebook thanks to Binder (mybinder.org).

In this challenge, your goal is to find the fastest solution while only using the Pandas library.

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The Challenge

The college_pop dataset contains the name, state, and population of all higher-ed institutions in the US and its territories. For each state, find the percentage of the total state population made up by the 5 largest colleges of that state. Below, you can inspect the first few rows of the data.

>>> import pandas as pd
>>> college = pd.read_csv('data/college_pop.csv')
>>> college.head()


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