Build an Interactive Data Analytics Dashboard with Python

Learn how to build an interactive data analytics dashboard with Python using Dash by Plotly.

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You will be building the Coronavirus Forecasting Dashboard that can be viewed live at Visit the model performance page to gauge the accuracy of historical predictions. It has been one of the most accurate models available for future predictions.

Course Contents

The course is divided into the following five parts covering every facet of building a dashboard for use in a professional environment.

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1. Data Preparation

In this section, you'll learn how to collect the data, find and clean bad data, and transform it so that it can be used for building models capable of prediction.

2. Model Building

In this section, you'll learn how to build and test models suitable for estimating growth and decline of a pandemic through a human population. To help the model, the data will be prepared further by smoothing it. You'll learn how to select best parameters and combine multiple models together.


3. Application Development

In this section, you'll learn how to build the user-facing web application with the excellent Dash library by Plotly. Dash has an incredible number of tools to help you develop interactions between its components. You'll also learn how to use the powerful CSS layouts flexbox and grid to position the components of the dashboard.

4. Deployment

After setting up the dashboard on your local machine, you'll learn how to launch your application on the world wide web using a remote web server. You'll have access to a complete guide taking you through all the steps on how to deploy your dashboard online.

5. Automation

In this section, you'll learn how to automate the process of updating the dashboard with new data.

About the Instructor

This course is taught by Ted Petrou, an expert at Python, data exploration and machine learning. Ted is the author of the highly rated text Pandas Cookbook. Ted has taught hundreds of students Python and data science during in-person classroom settings. He sees first hand exactly where students struggle and continually upgrades his material to minimize these struggles by providing simple and direct paths forward.

Ted is one of the foremost authorities on using the pandas library to do data analysis. His blog posts have totaled well over 1 million views. He is also a prolific contributor on Stack Overflow having answered over 400 questions.

Ted holds a master's degree in statistics from Rice University and is the author of Exercise Python and Master Machine Learning with Python.

What your purchase includes

You are purchasing a digital download along with online video lessons that include the following:

  • All directories and files (code) used to create the Coronavirus Forecasting Dashboard
  • Jupyter Notebooks with detailed instructions on how to build the dashboard
  • 20+ exercises on different data analysis and model building tasks with detailed solutions
  • An extremely detailed 160+ page PDF of the text allowing you to search for specific content or read when not online.
  • Video lessons walking you through all of the content in the text

"in my opinion what distinguishes you from everyone is your deep understanding of Python and Pandas. I follow lot of people on twitter, linkedin, Medium who share tips/tricks/codes on Python, Pandas, scikit-learn but no one comes close to you when writing efficient code and explaining the finer nuances"

Master Data Analysis with Python student


Build an Interactive Analytics Dashboard with Python assumes you already have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of Python. If you do not, you should master these fundamentals first. Exercise Python provides the necessary prerequisite knowledge.

This course covers wide topics from HTML/CSS to executing commands on the command line. None of these skills are strictly necessary to have, but will be helpful in making the course easier to complete.


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