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Build an Interactive Data Analytics Dashboard with Python

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Your purchase includes:

  • All directories and files (code) used to create the Coronavirus Forecasting Dashboard
  • Jupyter Notebooks with detailed instructions on how to build the dashboard
  • 20+ exercises on different data analysis and model building tasks with detailed solutions
  • A PDF of the text allowing you to search for specific content or read when not online.
  • Video lectures¬†walking you through all of the content in the text

Visit the course home page to get a full description.

Currently, there is detailed material covering the following sections:

  • Installing the correct software
  • Getting the data
  • Cleaning and transforming the data
  • Data smoothing
  • Exponential growth and decline models
  • Logistic growth models
  • Encapsulation into classes
  • Running the entire workflow

In the very near future, the rest of the material will be released covering the following:

  • Plotly visualizations
  • Web application development with dash
  • Deployment on a remote server
  • Automating the workflow to keep the project running indefinitely

Videos are under production and will be released very soon as well.