Essential Pandas Commands

Master the most essential DataFrame and Series commands necessary to explore data using pandas

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What you'll learn

DataFrame and Series

Extremely thorough coverage of the most essential DataFrame and Series attributes and methods.

Essential Commands

You'll learn operations such as aggregation and non-aggregation methods, string-only and datetime-only methods, handling missing values, and much, much more.


Nearly 100 exercises are available with detailed solutions to help you reinforce the knowledge gained from the lectures.

Course Description


Essential Pandas Commands provides some of the most comprehensive and rigorous coverage available on how to best use the most essential commands of the DataFrame and Series in the pandas library.

This course targets those who have an interest in becoming experts and completely mastering the pandas library for data analysis in a professional environment. The pandas library is easy to misuse and has an abundance of quirks that are not covered well in other courses. Tutorials abound with incorrect or misleading information on how to use pandas properly. This course provides best practices for each command and has 85 exercises to test your ability and reinforce your understanding of the material.

This course does not cover all of the pandas library, just a small and fundamental portion of it. If you are looking for a brief introduction of the entire pandas library, this course is not it. It takes many dozens of hours, lots of practice, and rigorous understanding to be successful using pandas for data analysis.

This course is the second part of the Master Data Analysis with Python series. The first course in the series is titled Intro to Pandas and is available for FREEThis course assumes you have the knowledge from that course.

This course is taught by expert instructor Ted Petrou, author of the highly-rated books Master Data Analysis with Python and Pandas Cookbook. Ted has taught over 1,000 hours of live in-person data science courses that use the pandas library.

Who this course is for:
  • Those who have a desire to completely master doing data analysis with python and pandas
  • Those who desire to learn from an expert who teaches data analysis with Python full-time
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What you get

  • Jupyter Notebooks - one for each chapter
  • 300 page PDF of all of the material
  • Nearly 100 exercises with detailed solutions
  • 7.5 hours of video detailing exactly how to run each command


  • Students must feel comfortable with the basics of Python.
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