Become an expert - Master the fundamentals of Python, Data Science, and Machine Learning now with these comprehensive courses.

Exercise Python

Start by mastering the fundamentals of the Python programming language, the foundation for completing all data science tasks in these courses.

Master Data Analysis with Python

Become an expert at analyzing data using the pandas library in this extremely comprehensive course that comes with over 800 pages, 350 exercises, multiple projects, and detailed solutions.

Master Data Visualization with Python

Master the fundamentals of data visualization in Python using pandas, matplotlib, and seaborn. Over 200 pages of detailed text along with dozens of exercises exist to help you create nearly any visualization you desire.

Master Machine Learning with Python

A comprehensive guide to become an expert at both the concepts and tools of building a massive machine learning pipeline using Python.

Build an Interactive Data Analytics Dashboard with Python

Learn a professional workflow for launching your own analytics dashboard, from data preparation and model building to application development, deployment, and automation.

Build a Data Analysis Library from Scratch with Python

Immerse yourself in a long, comprehensive project that teaches advanced Python concepts to build an entire library.


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