Python and Pandas Challenge Giveaway

Win Free Coures and up to $1000 in Cash by Completing the Challenges!

Every weekday from now through Christmas, one winner will receive free enrollment into Master Data Analysis with Python course ($199 value).

On December 26th, a drawing will be held to win up to $1,000 in cash.

To be eligible to win the cash or course, you must submit at least one correct answer to the Python and Pandas Challenges at The more challenges you answer correctly, the higher your chance is at winning. See all the details below. 

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Official Rules of Python and Pandas Challenge Giveaway

  • In order to be eligible to win any prize, you must make an account on and submit at least one challenge correctly.
  • Every weekday until Christmas 2021, one person will be picked at random from the pool of eligible participants to win free access to the Master Data Analysis with Python course, valued at $199. No person may win more than once. At least 100 new people must sign up every day.
  • On December 26th, 2021, one person will be selected to win $500. If this person has retweeted/shared this page on Twitter/LinkedIn, they will win $1,000. The probability of winning is proportional to the number of correct challenges. In order for any money to be given away, at least 5,000 unique people must have made accounts and submitted at least one correct solution to a challenge.
  • Any person found to create more than one account will be disqualified.
  • The prizes are not available to employees (and their family members) of Dunder Data.
  • Winners will be contacted via email.

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