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Data Exploration Bootcamp

Data Exploration Bootcamp with Python

If you are excited about the world of machine learning and data science but have yet to fully dive in, this course will catapult your skills so that you can smoothly transition into that world. Data exploration is the foundation for all good data analysis and where the vast majority of time is spent for data scientists.

Date: July 24th - 28th

Time: 9:00AM - 5:00PM CDT

Location: The Cowork Lab, Houston, TX

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Ted Petrou is a data scientist at Schlumberger where he spends the vast majority of his time exploring data. Some of his projects include using targeted sentiment analysis to discover the root cause of part failure from engineer text, developing customized client/server dashboarding applications and real-time web services to avoid mispricing of sales items. He also enjoys teaching the fundamentals of data science/analytics and offers a wide range of classes. Ted received his Masters degree in statistics from Rice University and used his analytical skills to play poker professionally and teach math before becoming a data scientist. He is also head of Houston Data Science.

Houston Data Science Meetup

Houston Data Science is an enthusiastic group that frequently gets together to learn and discuss the theory and practice of data science. Houston Data Science covers machine learning books in depth, offers tutorials on a variety of data science topics, engages in machine learning competitions by Kaggle and is a resource for those looking to find a career as a data scientist.

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