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Advance your Data Science Journey

Data Exploration Bootcamp

This bootcamp is designed to introduce you to data exploration using the Python programming language. Through this intense, weeklong program you will begin your mastery of the skills necessary to manipulate, visualize, and explore datasets to extract valuable insights.

This course is taught by Ted Petrou, an expert at exploring data with Python through Pandas. He is the author of Pandas Cookbook, a thorough step-by-step guide to accomplish a variety of data analysis tasks with Pandas.

Corporate Training

For a company to effectively use its data to generate value, it must be able to automate ‘end-to-end’ data analysis from data collection and ingestion to report generation and application deployment. It is a monumental task to build a data analysis pipeline capable of producing value.

Dunder Data provides several short courses that build the foundation for a complete data analysis pipeline.


A variety of free tutorials are available containing both detailed explanations and practice problems to help you